Metal Forming and Fabrication Solutions from B&K

B&K roll forming and metal processing solutions are creating a new standard within the industry. From the fastest metal framing production system in the industry to precision leveler technology for high quality press feed and cut-to-length applications, B&K roll forming and coil metal processing solutions are designed and manufactured to improve your operational efficiencies and the quality of the products you manufacture.

Roll Forming

B&K designs and manufactures state-of-the-art metal processing and metal forming equipment for the metal building and metal processing industries. Our equipment incorporates advanced technologies into truly integrated production lines where everything- coil handling, punch and cutoff, and roll forming — can be controlled from one display and can produce your entire catalog of framing products of varying gauges and sizes with the ability to change the entire line in moments. Learn more

Coil Metal Processing Solutions

Count on B&K for the coil metal processing solutions that can save your business time and money. B&K designs and manufactures coil metal processing with cutting edge, patented technologies. B&K’s decades of experience designing and building metal forming and fabricating machinery is the answer to many coil metal processing challenges. Learn more

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