Formtek Service and Support

Formtek has invested in the largest service network in the industry to support your needs. No other company in the industry delivers the level of experience, innovation, creativity, and integrated value-added processes. Whether it’s a replacement part, troubleshooting an existing process, operator training, or participating in a kaizen event to optimize your existing installation, our experienced team of engineers and technicians is here to help keep your operation running at peak performance.

Machine and Equipment Servicing, Repairs, and Troubleshooting

Formtek has the largest service network in the industry to support your metal forming and fabricating needs. Our focus is on solving customer problems and addressing customer needs in unique and cost-effective ways, and no other company in the industry delivers the level of experience, innovation, creativity, and integrated, value-added processes.

OEM Spare Parts, Tooling, and Regrinding

Formtek provides a full range of OEM-certified parts and engineered-to-order machine and roll tooling components. Formtek also blends its proven innovative technology and American workmanship to provide high-quality tooling services as well as high-quality regrind services for a wide range of products and materials.

Additional Services

Machine and Equipment Alignments

Formtek can dramatically improve the performance, lifetime, and throughput quality of your new or existing roll formers and tube mills with our laser mill alignment technology. Learn more


Keep your Formtek equipment on the cutting edge of technology and get the most from any Formtek manufactured machinery solution with a software upgrade. Learn more

Machine and Equipment Rebuilds, Reconditioning, Retrofit

Formtek’s mill technologies and accessories offer the perfect upgrade that allows existing installations to take advantage of our newest technology and productivity solutions through rebuilds and retrofits. Learn more


Formtek understands the importance of training and educating our customer’s personnel in safe and proper operation of equipment and systems. Depending on your needs, our customized training programs can be implemented either on-site or at our facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn more

Service and Preventative Maintenance Plans

To get the most from your equipment and prevent costly interruptions in your operation, regular and expert equipment maintenance is a must. That’s why our flexible service and preventative maintenance plans are developed with your input and tailored to your needs. Learn more

Remote Services: Assistance and Self-Diagnostics

Formtek’s Remote Services give you total visibility into the status and performance of your machines with real-time insights about the health of the equipment. Learn more

Machine and Equipment Installation, Relocation, and Leveling

As your product offerings and processes change, Formtek makes it possible to relocate and re-install existing machines or install new machines — including the proper leveling of all machines — to support your continuous improvement efforts. Learn more 


Get more information about our equipment warranty including all terms and conditions. Learn more

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