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Metal Forming Machinery and Systems for the Fenestration Industry

Winpro is renowed for providing innovative and dependable metal forming and fabrication equipment for the fenestration industry. Winpro offers both standard machines and custom-designed and built systems including semi-automated screen assembly and high-speed roll formers for muntins, screen frames, stiffeners, and more.

Winpro solutions are designed to reduce manufacturing costs while simultaneously increasing productivity and overall product quality. Winpro’s unique Screen Express and Screen Express SS screen assembly equipment — the most advanced machinery of its kind available — and has revolutionized the window fabrication industry by delivering the flexibility to handle a wide range of window screen sizes along with additional customization. The Winpro SFM-Series Roll Formers provide the flexibility to manufacture either muntins, screen, or both without changing tooling — dramatically reducing downtime while increasing productivity. This machine is designed to have up to four sets of rolls installed on the movable chassis. East set of rolls can be easily aligned with the uncoiler and the closed-loop, flying cutoff saw for fast product changeovers. Winpro S-Series Roll Formers are designed to manufacture up to four different vinyl window stiffener shapes without a tooling change.

Winpro Solutions

Roll Forming

Winpro is renowned for providing innovative and dependable roll forming machinery for the fenestration industry. From standard machines, to high-speed roll formers for muntins, screen frames, stiffeners, and caming to custom-designed and built systems for semi-automated screen assembly, Winpro solutions will help reduce you manufacturing costs while improving productivity and overall product quality. Learn more

Serving the Fenestration Industry

While Winpro machines are used in various general roll forming applications, our focus has been and continues to be to develop systems and solutions that serve the unique needs of the fenestration industry.

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