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About Tishken

Founded in 1921, Tishken is the leading manufacturer of high-quality roll forming machinery. While standard roll forming equipment is available, Tishken’s machinery can also be customized with other shaft diameters, roll space, number of forming passes, and integrated with other Formtek brand equipment to meet your specific application and specification needs.

Tishken Solutions

Roll Forming

Tishken is a designer and builder of the highest-quality machinery and tooling for roll forming applications. Our experienced team of engineers and the most modern manufacturing and testing facilities allow us to design and manufacture of rolls, dies, and metal forming machinery that reflect the highest standards of quality, workmanship, and performance. Learn more

Flexible Fabrication Solutions

Tishken also designs and builds machinery and tooling for flexible fabrication solutions. Tishken solutions integrate multiple fabricating processes with industrial-duty roll forming systems to give you the flexibility to efficiently run multiple product variations while simultaneously streamlining your manufacturing operations by eliminating multiple handling operations, reducing operator interaction with the product, and minimizing costly errors. Learn more

Coil Metal Processing

Tishken coil metal processing solutions include equipment ranging from simple, economical flattening / edging / straightening units up to rugged, heavy-duty, high-speed lines to reduce thickness, square or round edge, cutoff and/or recoil. Our portfolio includes the industry renowned Edge Conditioning System for heavy gauge applications and the Slitting System designed to produce mults and speciality coil to coil products. Learn more

Featured Products

RLW roll former

Tishken RLW Series Light Duty Roll Forming Systems


Tishken Specialty Slitting Systems

Before Cutoff Press

Tishken Edge Conditioning Systems

Parts and Service

When you partner with Tishken, you partner with Formtek and the largest service network in the industry. No other company in the industry delivers the level of experience, innovation, creativity, and integrated value-added processes. Whether it’s a replacement part, troubleshooting an existing process, operator training, or participating in a kaizen event to optimize your existing installation, our experienced team of engineers and technicians is here to help keep your operation running at peak performance.

Additional Services:

Our Industries

Our specialized design and state-of-the-art quality has seen Tishken roll forming, flexible fabrication, and coil metal processing machinery and solutions utilized for various applications across a wide range of industries including automotive, appliance, building products, metal service center, metal processing industries, and more.

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