Custom Roll Forming and Flexible Fabrication Systems and Solutions

About Dahlstrom

Dahlstrom is the industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and tooling integration of custom roll forming systems as well as sheet and coil roll forming machines, and flexible fabrication equipment. Like all Formtek brands, Dahlstrom solutions can be customized to your specific application and specifications.

Dahlstrom Solutions

Roll Forming

For over 70 years, Dahlstrom has been designing, manufacturing, and integrating tooling and machinery for metal forming and fabrication solutions including custom roll forming systems. Dahlstrom offers a wide breadth of experience and technical know-how including a range of sheet and coil roll forming equipment that provide manufacturers with robust, economical solutions for high-production and flexible environments. Learn more

Flexible Fabrication Solutions

Dahlstrom designs and manufactures a wide range of metal forming and fabrication solutions for both sheet and coil flexible fabrication. We integrate multiple fabricating processes — notching, bending, roll forming, spot welding, and multiple transfer operations — with wing benders, post notching punch systems, walking beam systems, transfer conveyors, and more to create customized flexible fabrication solutions that allow you to easily handle product variations while simultaneously reducing your labor costs. Learn more

Featured Products

Dahlstrom 50 Series

Dahlstrom Series “50” Roll Forming System


Dahlstrom Cut-Off Presses

Before Cutoff Press

Dahlstrom Hydraulic Notcher

Parts and Service

When you partner with Dahlstrom, you partner with Formtek and the largest service network in the industry. No other company in the industry delivers the level of experience, innovation, creativity, and integrated value-added processes. Whether it’s a replacement part, troubleshooting an existing process, operator training, or participating in a kaizen event to optimize your existing installation, our experienced team of engineers and technicians is here to help keep your operation running at peak performance.

Additional Services:

Our Industries

Dalhstrom provides tailored solutions for a wide array of industries including aerospace, construction, metal office furniture and building products, HVAC and many more — our roll forming and flexible fabrication systems can be customized to meet your specific application and operational needs.

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