Machine and Equipment Alignments

Formtek can dramatically improve the performance, lifetime, and throughput quality of your roll former and tube mill with our laser mill alignment technology. Our alignment programs begin with our team of highly-trained technicians deploying the latest laser-alignment technologies within your shop, both in new installations and existing mills — a process that takes approximately one (1) day for a typical shop. Please fill out the form below to learn more about the Formtek Machine and Equipment Alignment Programs and to schedule a FREE consultation today.

Alignments for New Mills

For new mills, we can implement the laser-alignment program at installation of your machinery to ensure the machinery position is correct, as it was set up at the Formtek factory. Complete testing and verification of all system components are carried out, and in-house training is provided at the same time.

Alignments for Existing Mills

For existing mills, the Formtek team also handles all the major procedures, including identifying and correcting alignment anomalies. On a roll forming machine, these could include double tracking of radii (likely related to improper tooling setup), severe scuffing, and an excessive amount of bow caused by stress among other anomalies that can easily affect the extremely close tolerances that are essential for roll former and tube mill alignment.

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