Machine and Equipment Rebuilds, Reconditioning, Retrofit

Rebuilds and Retrofits

For existing customers as well as owners of non-Formtek brand machinery, Formtek’s brands’ mill technologies and accessories offer the perfect upgrade that allows existing installations to take advantage of our newest technology and productivity solutions. Whether it is Single Point Adjustment to speed up the gap adjustment and setup repeatability, speed upgrade to the machine, or forming accessories such as edge conditioning entry table or idler stands, Formtek’s brands’ offer a range of standard machine accessories and can custom engineer for unique applications to improve the productivity of existing roll forming and tube & pipe mill installations.

Mill Retrofits

For existing mill installations, Formtek brands’ application engineers can review the current equipment and determine practical solutions for equipment retrofits to improve throughput and production reliability. These retrofits may be upgrades to existing components or adding new equipment features, such as seam orientation, for value added to your end customers. Many of these retrofits can be accomplished by Formtek’s brands’ standard accessories, or if the application requires, a special engineered solution.

Rebuild and Reconditioning Services

Formtek offers a rebuild and reconditioning service for most flexible fabrication, wing benders, and roll formers manufactured in America. This includes the following typical procedures:

For Roll Formers:

  • Remove the tooling assemblies from the machine
  • Inspect all shafts
  • Inspect all gears, belts, and drive components
  • Inspect all guide surfaces
  • Replace all bearings and shims
  • Replace or recondition roll tooling
  • Replace or recondition idler roll assemblies
  • Reassemble machine complete
  • Check and adjust parallelism between tooling
  • Check and adjust roll clearance
  • Check and adjust squaring pads
  • Check and adjust in-feed and exit guides
  • Inspect electrical system
  • Run customer parts and test machine

For Flexible Fabrication and Wing Benders:

  • Power up the machine and clean up
  • Disassemble and remove the head assemblies from the machine
  • Inspect all weldments
  • Inspect all tool mounting areas
  • Inspect all wear surfaces
  • Replace all pivot pins and bearings
  • Replace or sharpen bottom bar tooling
  • Replace or sharpen bend die tooling
  • Replace or sharpen top die tooling inserts
  • Reassemble machine complete
  • Check and adjust parallelism between heads
  • Check and adjust top die to bend die clearance
  • Check and adjust squaring pads (perpendicular to bend line)
  • Check and adjust gauge pads
  • Inspect pneumatic system
  • Inspect electrical system
  • Run customer parts and test machine

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