Tishken Solutions for the Heavy Truck and Trailer Industry

Tishken Solutions for Heavy Truck and Trailer Industry Manufacturers

Tishken has been assisting the automotive industry with roll forming solutions since the first Model T automobile came off the assembly line. Tishken supplies roll forming solutions for structural, non-structural, and trim components to the automotive industry for the manufacturing of cars, trucks, related passenger vehicles, and heavy trucks and trailers.

Roll forming automotive components has evolved over the years with the development of advanced and high strength materials. Tishken has developed the metal forming and fabrication equipment and tooling to meet the unique needs and requirements for vehicles including roll forming sills, rockers, reinforcements, cross members, roof bows, and bumpers. In addition to structural, non-structural, and trim components, Tishken can also design and build roll forming solutions for many other common parts including running boards, corrugated truck beds, seat tracks, window channel guides, and pillars.

Forming and Fabrication Solutions

Tishken can also provide metal forming and fabrication solutions for other vital roll formed components including posts, floor angles, scuff plates, rub rails, and roof bows which make up the shell of box trucks and trailers. With increased fuel efficiency requirements, these components are more frequently manufactured from light gauge, high-strength materials to save weight. In addition to the structural components, logistics features such as e-tracks and shelving are also roll formed. Tishken can design and build roll forming systems for school buses which require similar roll formed components. Roll forming components for school buses typically requires programmable features including in-line notching, post-cutting to length for flexibility of finished part lengths, hole patterns, and production quantities in order to meet manufacturing needs. Tishken’s team of experienced engineers can also design and build metal forming and fabricating systems for over-the-road and rail transportation vehicles when roll forming is required.

Engineering Team

Tishken can accommodate specialized roll forming needs including systems for heavy gauge steel frame roll forming for trucks and railcars. Roll forming machines and tooling are integrated with heavy gauge frame fabrication systems with coil or strip feeding to fit the unique needs of the heavy truck and trailer industry. Tishken’s experienced engineers have the knowledge and understanding to design and build a roll forming system all transportation needs, from heavy gauge frames for semi-trucks and mass transit vehicles to the safety equipment including guard rails, sign posts, and even barrier system components.

Our application engineering team can help select the appropriate Tishken machinery solution for your heavy truck and trailer application, considering the materials, size, and production needs to fit your business.

Tishken Solutions

Roll Forming

Tishken is a designer and builder of the highest-quality machinery and tooling for roll forming applications. Our experienced team of engineers and the most modern manufacturing and testing facilities allow us to design and manufacture of rolls, dies, and metal forming machinery that reflect the highest standards of quality, workmanship, and performance. Learn more

Flexible Fabrication Solutions

Tishken also designs and builds machinery and tooling for flexible fabrication solutions. Tishken solutions integrate multiple fabricating processes with industrial-duty roll forming systems to give you the flexibility to efficiently run multiple product variations while simultaneously streamlining your manufacturing operations by eliminating multiple handling operations, reducing operator interaction with the product, and minimizing costly errors. Learn more

Coil Metal Processing

Tishken coil metal processing solutions include equipment ranging from simple, economical flattening / edging / straightening units up to rugged, heavy-duty, high-speed lines to reduce thickness, square or round edge, cutoff and/or recoil. Our portfolio includes the industry renowned Edge Conditioning System for heavy gauge applications and the Slitting System designed to produce mults and speciality coil to coil products. Learn more

Integrated Systems From Formtek

As a part of the Formtek family of metal forming and fabricating solutions, Tishken systems can be seamlessly integrated with B&K, Dahlstrom, Hill Engineering, Lockformer Custom Machinery, Winpro, and Yoder solutions to deliver optimal results for your operations.

Roll Forming & Flexible Fabrication Systems

Formtek can integrate multiple fabricating processes and systems from B&K, Dahlstrom, Hill Engineering, Lockformer Custom Machinery, Tishken, Winpro, and Yoder to streamline and reduce the labor in your manufacturing operations. Whether it is flexible fabricating or roll formed products, Formtek can engineer and build a complete manufacturing system, from coil or sheet handling through finished product, for your application.

Consolidate Notching and Fastening Operations

The systems can be complex, involving multiple notching, bending and/or roll forming machines with welding, such as the production of office furniture wall partitions. Such systems may eliminate a dozen or more manual operations. Digital controls and batch production capabilities can allow the process to vary position and quantities of engineered features without setup time.

Eliminate Multiple Press Brake Operations

These integrated roll forming and flexible fabrication systems from Formtek can be as simple as manufacturing roof panels or shelves by hand feeding metal sheets into the roll former.

Engineered To Order

Each Formtek System is designed and manufactured to optimize the processing of your products.

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