Yoder Solutions for the Appliance Manufacturing Industry

Yoder Solutions for Appliance Industry Manufacturers

The Yoder brand has been a metal forming and fabrication solution provider for OEM customers and tier 1 suppliers. Yoder’s 100 years of experience and knowledge combine to bring the appliance manufacturing industry the best in roll forming solutions. Our application engineering team can help select the appropriate Yoder machinery solution for your application, considering the materials, size, and production needs to fit your business.

The M-style (toggle) and QVW-style (universal driven) roll forming machines are the standard for the appliance industry. Both styles have the same adjustment range across equivalent sizes, giving contract roll formers the flexibility to move tooling between various machines as their production schedule requires. For the heavier duty applications, the WH-style forming stands may be considered. For cutoff and notching presses, Yoder offers pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical presses. The P-style mechanical presses and AP-style pneumatic presses for notching and flying cutoff operations are available in standard sizes to cover the needs of most roll forming applications. The hydraulic press solutions can cover the same size ranges of the mechanical and pneumatic presses but are also available in custom sizes to fit more specific applications, such as embossing or notch and form within the profile. Appliance components may be roll formed from pre-painted material or plain materials that are powder-coated after the roll forming process.

For heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment, as well as home appliances, the heat transfer element, whether it is condensing or evaporating, may utilize welded tubing. Very similar to the automotive fuel line, Yoder’s Cold Reducing Tube Mill produces small diameter tubing for these applications. Additionally, for evaporator or boiler tubing, Yoder’s M-, QVW-, and WH-Series machines can produce these products. For welding, Yoder Square Wave ERW welder provides a ductile heat-affected zone of the tube appropriate for the bending required to produce the coiled tube for these thermal transfer applications. Variable air volume control equipment, such as louvers and dampers, require roll forming of the frame and blade components. The frames maybe notched and roll formed with pre-cutting or post-cutting, while blades, louvers, and airfoils are typically post cut to accommodate the short part lengths.

Yoder Solutions

Roll Forming

For over 100 years, the most respected names across multiple industries all over the world have relied onYoder roll forming machines and systems for their manufacturing processes. And the reason is simple — from our standard machines to our customized systems that are designed and built for your specific application, Yoder solutions can save you money while producing a better product. We also offers a full line of cutoff presses including heavy-duty mechanical presses and our patented Air Press. Learn More

Tube & Pipe Mills

Yoder has long been recognized as one of the earlier pioneers in the welded seam tube mill business. Yoder offers multiple standard tube mills for common product sizes. In addition to the standard machines, Yoder also offers specialized equipment that includes a wide diameter range of metal tubes and pipes; from the 3/16″ (4.76mm) O.D. cold stretch reducing mills to the 28″ OD cage mills. Learn more

Flexible Fabrication Solutions

Yoder’s state-of-the-art flexible fabrication equipment, tooling, and systems increase production capacity and operation efficiency through integrated and streamlined processes, increased automation, and faster equipment. Whether from coil or sheet, Yoder’s flexible fabrication systems can include wing benders, post notching punch systems, walking beam systems, transfer conveyors, hard automation, and more to produce finished parts that are ready for assembly. Learn more

Integrated Systems From Formtek

As a part of the Formtek family of metal forming and fabricating solutions, Yoder systems can be seamlessly integrated with B&K, Dahlstrom, Hill Engineering, Lockformer Custom Machinery, Tishken, and Winpro solutions to deliver optimal results for your operations.

Roll Forming & Flexible Fabrication Systems

Formtek can integrate multiple fabricating processes and systems from B&K, Dahlstrom, Hill Engineering, Lockformer Custom Machinery, Tishken, Winpro, and Yoder to streamline and reduce the labor in your manufacturing operations. Whether it is flexible fabricating or roll formed products, Formtek can engineer and build a complete manufacturing system, from coil or sheet handling through finished product, for your application.

Consolidate Notching and Fastening Operations

The systems can be complex, involving multiple notching, bending and/or roll forming machines with welding, such as the production of office furniture wall partitions. Such systems may eliminate a dozen or more manual operations. Digital controls and batch production capabilities can allow the process to vary position and quantities of engineered features without setup time.

Eliminate Multiple Press Brake Operations

These integrated roll forming and flexible fabrication systems from Formtek can be as simple as manufacturing roof panels or shelves by hand feeding metal sheets into the roll former.

Engineered To Order

Each Formtek System is designed and manufactured to optimize the processing of your products.

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