Winpro Screen Express® SS Screen Assembly Machine

Like the Winpro Screen Express Systems, the Screen Express SS Systems automate an inefficient and manual process of spline insertion on window screens. This technological advancement in the fenestration industry raises the bar for productivity, efficiency, and cost savings. The Screen Express SScan provide a distinct competitive advantage over the competition. By automating what was previously a difficult and manual process, the Winpro Screen Express SS ends repetitive motion injuries often experienced by workers in the window fabrication industry. With the Screen Express SS, the production of more high-quality screens per hour is possible without the costly labor required to normally do so. This semi-automatic process is less labor intensive than a traditional manual process, translating to considerable cost savings in the end and a hefty improvement to the bottom line as well. Winpro Screen Express SS Systems can handle screen assemblies up to 48″ x 96″, enabling manufacturers to incorporate patio door sizes into the high production assembly process of the Screen Express. Additionally, the SS includes a dual drive design, for consistent processing of the larger screen sizes.

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Product Details



Product Details



The Winpro Screen Express SS Systems include several new updates providing businesses with a distinct competitive advantage over the competition.

  • Redesigned pneumatic control systems provides an increased machine response time
  • The more rigid carriage design is now driven on both sides by the belt-driven actuators
  • Carriage and spline head belt-driven actuators ensure smooth travel replacing the rack and pinion systems
  • Enhanced z-axis positioning with hand wheel and counter for better height control and faster changeovers
  • Inclusion of the most current electrical control technology from B&R Industrial Automation ensures first-class build
  • Rigid design utilizing 3” steel tubing as frame members which help to ensure precise axis positioning
  • Automatic frame fixture positioning activated by 2D or 1D barcode scanning or FTP download
  • Updated controls and safety circuitry
  • When you buy Winpro equipment, you get more than just the industry highest level of build quality, reliability, and performance. Included with the Screen Express is the best customer service that is widely recognized in the industry from Formtek Group. With a commitment to purchasing Winpro equipment, Formtek commits its resources and expertise to ensure a maximum return on your investment. A first-class build and precision components ensure a quality finished screen every time. Winpro’s high-quality construction and proven technology provide for long-term durability.

Maximize Profits: The semi-automatic process of the Screen Express SS eliminates costly labor-intensive manual processes by inserting spline into grooves on windows.

Improve Employee Health: Using the Screen Express SS automatic process can also help to reduce the harmful repetitive motion injuries and reduce overall operator fatigue which translates to higher productivity, reduced man-made errors, and lower employee downtime.

Operator Training: This machine can be operated after receiving minimal operator training and allows workers with lower skill levels the ability to produce top-notch window screens. After delivery of the Screen Express SS, Formtek will schedule training for your selected employees. Through proper training and technical assistance, newly trained operators will gain the knowledge and skills to significantly enhance the productivity of your business. Setup of the machine and training typically takes up to three days.

Optimize Work Flow: The Screen Express offers completely automatic frame fixturing. This feature is activated by 2D or 1D barcode scanning or FTP download.

Increase Productivity: The Winpro Screen Express SS is designed to batch directly through a network download for automatic data input. Batching is a process used to set up for the shift to run sizes scheduled by production planners. To meet large order needs, the Screen Express has been designed to accept up to 100 size and style setups in a single batch.

Safety First: All Winpro fabrication machinery is built with the highest safety standards in mind and the Screen Express SS is no exception. Many safety considerations are found throughout the Screen Express SS equipment, most importantly the light curtains and the barrier guards. The light curtain is mounted on the operator side of the Screen Express SS along the entire length of the machine. When the light curtain field of observation is interrupted, the machine automatically goes into stop mode for safety. Only after a manual command is given does the Screen Express SS resume its operation.

Programs: Winpro’s Screen Express SS is controlled by Formtek’s exclusive design, taking into consideration all the variables the window screen industry has to work with. The programs are easily adaptable to any modifications required. Many of the data and required settings are password protected that can be changed by the supervisor override when necessary.

Increasing Screen Quality: One key advantage of the Screen Express SS is the elimination of hourglass effects. With the use of toe-in and toe-out of the spline insertion head assembly, the Screen Express SS provides the ability to program radius on any of the four sides of the frame, virtually eliminating the hourglass effect. Additionally, a separate foot assembly that is also controlled on a given side, helps control the screen cloth to maximize job quality. Crossbars are common in the window screen industry and the Screen Express SS has been designed to take cross bars into consideration when operating by raising and lowering the foot to protect the screen cloth from tearing or marring.

Easy Removal: The Winpro Screen Express SS makes removal of the finished window screen product easy. The screen cloth is cut just behind the finished screen for easy removal and the whole screening process is ready to begin again. The operator has time to trim the screen and prepare a new frame before the end of the insertion cycle.

Customization Available: Winpro understands there are several different frame styles in the industry, and has made the Screen Express SS customizable to your particular needs.

Optional Swing Arm: Winpro is mindful valuable floor space and the footprints of necessary equipment for manufacturers. With that in mind, Winpro has developed the option of a swing arm mounted operator station on the Screen Express SS. The Winpro Screen Express SS are machines that automate the process of spline insertion on window and door screen. The swing arm operator station is positioned so the operator has access to it while performing the required screen frame loading and unloading procedures. This swing arm operator station offers all the functionality of the pedestal unit, but eliminates the need for the additional floor space. With the addition of the swing arm, the interconnect cable strung between the pedestal and the Screen Express machine was also eliminated. If the bar code scanning option is required, the Winpro Screen Express SS have been upgraded from the previous wired unit to a wireless unit capable of both 1d and 2D scanning.

Features & Benefits: The Winpro Screen Express SS is packed with unique value-added features:

  • Aids in the production of consistent high-quality window screens
  • Increased productivity and simplification of production with semi-automatic process
  • Barcode scanning for automatic operation
  • With a small footprint, a minimal amount of floor space is required
  • Screen tension foot to eliminate hourglass effects typical on manual screen assembly
  • Up to 16 individual style setups
  • User-friendly operator interface includes industrial grade computer with 10” color touchscreen
  • Accommodates screen frame sizes from 10” x 12” up to 48” x 96”
  • Single Cycle Mode can be used during a running batch create an out of sequence size
  • Frame size changes can be completed by operator touch screen or by using a hand-held scanner
  • Precision servo machine motion for speed and accuracy
  • Works well for both extruded and roll formed screen frames

Machinery Details

  • Minimum Screen Size: 10” x 12”
  • Maximum Screen Size: 48” x 96”
  • Approximate Dimensions
    • Length: 154 ⅝”, 187 ¾” with control cabinet access
    • Width: 82 11/16” without guards, 100 3/16” with guards
    • Height: 39” without guards (tabletop), 76 ⅝” with guards
    • Weight: 4,000lbs machine + 800lbs guards

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