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Flexible Fabrication Solutions from Tishken

Founded in 1921, Tishken is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality roll forming equipment and tooling. In order to provide roll forming solutions that reflect high standards of quality, workmanship, and performance, Tishken is equipped with the most modern facilities and staffed with experienced personnel for the design and manufacture of rolls, dies, and metal forming machinery. Tishken is one of the few brands that can build complete, industrial-duty roll forming systems for range of industries including automotive, appliance, building products, metal service center, and metal processing industries. Tishken builds roll forming lines that work continuously and efficiently to perform many operations automatically. Manufacturers can utilize existing equipment or used equipment to fit current applications with rebuilt and new components including tooling, controls, and updated safety equipment to supply a modern, integrated roll forming system.

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Tishken HMW Series Medium Duty Roll Forming Systems

Tishken’s roll forming systems form flat strip metal, either sheet or coiled metal, by passing it through a series of paired rolls to progressively form the desired profile with pre-notching, post-notching, embossing, and cutting-to-length. Several other engineered features can also be incorporated into the automatic operation of the roll forming process based on application needs. No other roll forming machines combine so many features so well. Whether for decorative appliance trim, store fixture shelving, roll-up garage doors, drop ceiling grids, HVAC louvers, or high guard rails, Tishken has a wide range of roll forming solutions for the application. Tishken’s broad range of solutions and techniques solve many application challenges. Tishken’s experienced engineers are available to assist in creating solutions for difficult roll forming problems and to help evaluate the benefits of roll forming over existing or contemplated methods.

Applications: coil processing, edging systems, slitting systems, roll forming

Integrated Systems From Formtek

As a part of the Formtek family of metal forming and fabricating solutions, Tishken systems can be seamlessly integrated with B&K, Dahlstrom, Hill Engineering, Lockformer Custom Machinery, Winpro, and Yoder solutions to deliver optimal results for your operations.

Roll Forming & Flexible Fabrication Systems

Formtek can integrate multiple fabricating processes and systems from B&K, Dahlstrom, Hill Engineering, Lockformer Custom Machinery, Tishken, Winpro, and Yoder to streamline and reduce the labor in your manufacturing operations. Whether it is flexible fabricating or roll formed products, Formtek can engineer and build a complete manufacturing system, from coil or sheet handling through finished product, for your application.

Consolidate Notching and Fastening Operations

The systems can be complex, involving multiple notching, bending and/or roll forming machines with welding, such as the production of office furniture wall partitions. Such systems may eliminate a dozen or more manual operations. Digital controls and batch production capabilities can allow the process to vary position and quantities of engineered features without setup time.

Eliminate Multiple Press Brake Operations

These integrated roll forming and flexible fabrication systems from Formtek can be as simple as manufacturing roof panels or shelves by hand feeding metal sheets into the roll former.

Engineered To Order

Each Formtek System is designed and manufactured to optimize the processing of your products.

Industries Served by Tishken Roll Forming Solutions

Specialized design and state-of-the-art manufacturing has seen Tishken roll forming machinery and solutions utilized for various applications across a wide range of industries including automotive, appliance, building products, metal service center, metal processing industries, and more.

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