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The Yoder K-90-M Power Hammer is the premier power hammer built for bending, forming and planishing light gauge shapes of sheet metal.  They have numerous applications, including automotive parts, aerospace  and custom sheet metal, and are used extensively in the aerospace industry as well as the build of custom cars and choppers, where perfect balance in a power hammer is desirable.  The perfect balance of this hammer is a feature that insures a long life, smooth running and stability; vibration being reduced to the lower possible degree.  Compared to competitor machines, which are a cheapened knock off of the Yoder LK-90-M, the K-90-M offers a larger throat, die area and roughly double the rated blow capacity, enabling the K-90-M Power Hammer to be used for a wider range of large aerospace and automotive parts, as well as greater gauge range capability.  The Yoder Power Hammer is furnished with a specially designed pedestal.

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Product Details



Product Details



Frame: The Upper frame is fabricated steel, rigidly braced, supporting the entire drive assembly as a unit so that it may be bolted to the pedestal.

Drive Assembly: The Drive consists of a 1200 RPM AC motor through a friction cone clutch, connected to the main drive shaft. A crank disc mounted on the end of the drive shaft actuates the connecting rod; thus reciprocating the upper die block.

Drive Shaft: The drive shaft of high strength steel, precision machined and heat treated for maximum durability is mounted on heavy duty Timken tapered roller bearings, supported in bores provided in the main frame. An alemite fitting which enters upon a generous grease pocket in the frame, provides lubrication to these bearings and a seal in the bearing retainer prevents grease leakage while keeping out dust.

The Timken tapered roller bearing mounting of the main drive shaft absorbs all radial and axial thrust loads imposed upon it due to the constant operation of the friction clutch. This feature greatly reduces wear on reciprocating parts, unlike the competitions bronze bushed hammers.

Connecting Rod: The connecting rod is high strength steel, the upper drive end being roller bearing mounted. This cylindrical roller bearing, the race of which fits over the crank pin, is provided with an alemite pressure fitting as well as the required grease and dust seals. In the K-90-M Power Hammer, the lower end of the connecting rod is fastened by a bronze bushed pin to a cross-head or upper slide-block which in turn is rigidly secured to the leaf spring by means of a “U” shaped bolts and clevis construction. This cross-head feature which is exclusive in this type hammer, transmits vertical reciprocating motion only to the leaf spring and upper die block; no angular thrust loads are imposed upon the die block, all of these being taken by the cross-head and absorbed on the machined slide plate ways.

Training: Available here from metal shaping expert Fay Butler.

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