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Formtek Flexible Fabrication

Formtek can integrate multiple fabricating processes with roll forming systems to create custom flexible fabrication solutions which will streamline and reduce labor in manufacturing operations. Our flexible fabrication solutions provide the flexibility to run product variations with relatively low effort to convert equipment for these variations. Formtek’s flexible fabrication solutions can eliminate multiple handling operations, reducing operator interaction with the product and minimizing costly errors. Whether from coil or sheet, Formtek’s flexible fabrication systems can produce finished parts ready for assembly. Typical components used in Formtek’s flexible fabrication solutions include wing benders, post notching punch systems, walking beam systems, transfer conveyors, and hard automation. These options can be added to roll formers that include notching, bending, roll forming, spot welding, and multiple transfer options.

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Case Study:

Flexible Fabrication Line for Automated Production of Refrigerator and Freezer Cases

A manufacturer of commercial refrigerator equipment chose Formtek to develop a system for the automated production of the outer wrappers of refrigerators and freezer cases. The goals of the customer were to:

  1. Increase the output compared to current production rates
  2. Increase quality and appearance of the new family of refrigerators
  3. Prepare themselves for future demand of their products

The customer also wanted specific parts of the machine to be automated, such as the notching of the blank’s pattern. Watch the video to see the Flexible Fabrication solution that Formtek put together.

Integrated Systems From Formtek

Formtek's family of brands deliver a wide range of metal forming and fabricating solutions. Through Formtek, individual machines and systems from B&K, Dahlstrom, Hill Engineering, Lockformer Custom Machinery, Tishken, Winpro, and Yoder can be seamlessly integrated to deliver optimal results for your operations.

Roll Forming and Flexible Fabrication Systems

Formtek can integrate multiple fabricating processes and systems from B&K, Dahlstrom, Hill Engineering, Lockformer Custom Machinery, Tishken, Winpro, and Yoder to streamline and reduce the labor in your manufacturing operations. Whether it is flexible fabricating or roll formed products, Formtek can engineer and build a complete manufacturing system, from coil or sheet handling through finished product, for your application.

Consolidate Notching and Fastening Operations

The systems can be complex, involving multiple notching, bending and/or roll forming machines with welding, such as the production of office furniture wall partitions. Such systems may eliminate a dozen or more manual operations. Digital controls and batch production capabilities can allow the process to vary position and quantities of engineered features without setup time.

Eliminate Multiple Press Brake Operations

These integrated roll forming and flexible fabrication systems from Formtek can be as simple as manufacturing roof panels or shelves by hand feeding metal sheets into the roll former.

Engineered To Order

Each Formtek System is designed and manufactured to optimize the processing of your products.

Featured Flexible Fabrication Products

Dahlstrom Hydraulic Notcher

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Dahlstrom Wingbending System with Flexible Fabrication

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Dahlstrom Wingformer / Wingbender: Horn Type

Industries Served with Formtek Flexible Fabrication Solutions

Formtek provides custom flexible fabrication solutions for a wide array of industries — each designed and manufactured to meet your specific operational needs.

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